Geologic Road Sign Project

Title: Geologic Road Sign Project
Author: Paul Belanger
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2002, p. 9

The Colorado Scientific Society (CSS) is seeking to serve the community by establishing some road signs at points of geologic interest to make non-geologists more aware of the geology around them. The CSS hopes to collaborate with CDOT, Denver Parks, and other appropriate county, state or federal agencies. RMAG’s Bob Weimer, along with Bruce Bryant and Greg Holden, will be handling the geologic content for a pilot project for a road sign at Buffalo Bill’s gravesite. A grant proposal will be written to the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District based on this first design for funding of this sign project and others.

Now, CSS would like to solicit your ideas for prospective road sign localities, the geologic content for that road sign, designing or helping in the design of the road sign, possibly help with installation, metal working, sign making, contacts, etc. With these ideas, I will be developing a grant proposal to SCFD for a February deadline. Anybody who wants to help with that or knows of other potential funding sources is welcome to volunteer their time, skills and efforts. Please feel free to email me at or call 303-436-1930 (daytime) or 303-980-8732 (evening).