Board of Directors Meeting – September 2002

Title: Highlights of the September RMAG Board Meeting
Authors: Bob Lamarre and Ira Pasternack
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2002, p. 13

Membership in the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is at a nine-year high of 2061 members. Our financial position is very strong, with year-to-date income continuing to be higher than anticipated and expenses lower than projected.

Fifty-eight of the 100 booths have already been sold for the Technofest/Prospect Fair on Nov. 11, 2002. The proposed 2003 calendar with pictures of scenic geologic views from the Rockies will not be published due to lack of sufficient sponsors.

The Publications Committee continues to evaluate the cost of digitizing RMAG’s hardcopy publications. Guidebooks will be digitized first, followed by The Mountain Geologist. Authors are continuing to submit their papers for the Jonah guidebook. The editors would like to have this book available for sale at next year’s annual AAPG convention in Salt Lake City. Work on a Piceance Basin guidebook is in progress for sale at next year’s AIPG Annual Meeting, which will be held in Glenwood Springs.

Due to a strong technical program at the RMS-AAPG sectional meeting in Laramie, attendance was very good. The 2004 sectional meeting will be in Denver, so now is a good time for all of you to start thinking about how you can contribute to this event. Many volunteers will be needed to make the meeting a success.