President’s Column – December 2003

Title: President’s Column
Author: Bruce Kelso
Publication: The Outcrop, December 2003, p. 3, 9

As I sit here writing my final President’s Column for The Outcrop, I am given the opportunity to reflect back on the events that resulted in a highly successful year for the RMAG and a year that was very gratifying for me personally. The organization began the 2003 fiscal year in very sound financial condition, largely due the watchful eye of last year’s president, John Robinson. I learned from John’s efforts that balancing RMAG’s financial position is a yearlong project and one that requires a lot of attention. I am pleased to convey to the membership that we are exiting 2003 in sound financial condition, largely due to the success of this year’s four technical events (the 3-D, Coalbed Methane, and Fall symposia, and the Prospect Fair/TechnoFest). Record attendance, excellent technical presentations and strong financial support from industry contributed to the success of these meetings. The many volunteers and chairpersons associated with these events are to be commended for their many hours of service to RMAG.

RMAG’s membership continues to grow despite declining membership trends in other professional organizations. We will exit the year with more than 2,150 members, which places us at a ten-year high. The effort of R,MAG office staff, Sandi Pellissier and Chris Houston, who promote membership status to non-members attending our technical and social events, is a partial reason for our membership growth. As the membership of RMAG continues to grow, so does the overall success of the organization. New members are a valuable resource as volunteers and for “fresh” ideas that will guarantee future success of the organization. I challenge Sandi, Chris, and the entire membership to continue the growth of our membership.

As for the Board members who served with me this year, they were a fantastic group to work with. Counselors Pete Varney and John Curtis provided their wisdom and guidance on numerous occasions. Pete ends his two-year hitch as Counselor and John will serve his second year with the 2004 Board, providing continuity on carryover business items. Jeanette Dubois successfully mastered the financial statements of the organization and tracked our financial position monthly by providing accurate and easy-to-understand graphics. Bob Basse was a literary master at capturing the minutes from our Board meetings and skillfully summarized them for inclusion in The Outcrop. A lot was going on with the Publications Committee this year, including the digital publication effort, the Jonah Field Guidebook (which is being printed as a collaborative effort by RMAG and AAPG) and a digital (CD) Piceance Basin Guidebook. The scanning project of old guidebooks and the Mountain Geologist will be underway by early December and a multi-CD set should be available by mid-year, 2004. Bob Raynolds travel schedule precluded him from attending very many Publication Committee meetings, but the necessary information always managed to get back to the Board. Steve Goolsby’s luncheon jokes and speaker introductions were colorful and tasteful. In addition to working on his PhD thesis and spending most of his summer working in Pinedale, Steve stepped up to fill the vacant Continuing Education Committee Chairman position. He was instrumental in formulating the theme for the Fall Symposium on the Petroleum Systems of SW Wyoming.

I wish all success to Donna Anderson and her 2004 Board of Directors. 2004 is shaping-up to be another stellar year for RMAG. Randy Ray is planning something special for the 10th annual 3-D Symposium (February 27, 2004) and RMAG will be the host organization for the AAPG — Rocky Mountain Section Meeting (August 9-11 , 2004). While my involvement with RMAG will be somewhat diminished, I will be busy as session chairman for the AAPG meeting and most likely involved with RMAG on other committees, since I seem to have a problem saying “No.”