Board of Directors Meeting – October 2003

Title: Highlights of the October RMAG Board Meeting
Author: Bob Basse
Publication: The Outcrop, December 2003, p. 9

As the year 2003 grows old, good things continue to happen inside your RMAG: the finances of the organization remain robust with income ahead of expense by $33,000; membership is peaking at 2132 and the Board welcomes this year’s 141 new members just as the 2004 renewal letter is going into the mail; and website usage and publication sales receipts have increased with the PTTC-assisted improvements added to the site this year.

The Piceance Basin field symposium was successful and the companion CD guidebook has been very well received. The Board urges members to check it out as it is an insightful look into the future of RMAG publications.

The Board approved entering into a contract with Smart Discovery to scan and convert to searchable PDF format over 13,000 pages of pre-2002 hardcopy guidebooks and Mountain Geologist volumes. Watch for the multi-CD set of all historical RMAG publications to become available late next year. Thanks go out to Bob Cluff and the Publications Committee for keeping that digital conversion project moving.

The Board unanimously approved a motion to issue a Board of Directors Resolution to the RMAG membership to support a bill to be introduced in the next session of the state legislature that would propose moving the Colorado Geological Survey to the Colorado School of Mines campus. That resolution is as follows:

The Board of the Rocky Mlountain Association of Geologists (RMAG Board) supports the concept that the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) would better fulfill its mission and continue its excellent record of public outreach outside the realm of the political arena. Therefore, the RMAG Board supports legislation proposed by Representative Ramey Johnson (R-Lakewood, CO) to move the CGS to the Colorado School of Mines. The RMAG Board encourages the Colorado members of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists to make their voices heard on this matter by contacting Rep. Johnson ( and/or their Colorado state legislators.