Board of Directors Meeting – July 2003

Title: Highlights of the July RMAG Board Meeting
Author: Bob Basse
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2003, p. 9

The July meeting was all good news and thank-yous…

Good news prevails on the financial report with income ahead of expenses due in large part to an unbroken string of successful meetings and events, including the Golf Tournament that set records for participation, player and society benefits, and raised $4550 for RMAG and DGS Scholarship funds. The Board thanks you, the Golf Tournament Committee, and especially Jeff Ware for your fourth year organizing this successful endeavor!

Good news on the Fall Symposium for targeting all of you interested in southwest Wyoming low-perm gas, whether basin-centered or not, in need of stimulation. The Board also thanks you, the Continuing Education committee, especially Steve Goolsby and Barbara Keusch, for launching what promises to be an exceptional technical program.

And good news for the continuation of RMAG leadership, as there is an exceptional slate of candidates for next year’s Board positions. Thank you John Robinson and the Nominations Committee for twisting those arms so that this show will go on…