2003 RMAG Field Symposium Technical Session

Title: 2003 RMAG Field Symposium Technical Session
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2003, p. 22

The 2003 RMAG Field Symposium on the Piceance Basin will be held in Glenwood Springs, Oct. 3-5. A Mesaverde field trip will take place on Saturday and Monday, while a technical session of talks and posters will be the focus on Sunday. Following the technical session attendees with have the opportunity to take the tram up to Fairy Caverns for a geological field trip of the caves. A joint icebreaker with AIPG will happen after the cave tour.

Planning for the technical session is currently in progress. A preliminary list of topics and presenters includes:

  • Mancos/Mesaverde source rock evaluation – Don Yurewicz
  • Basin-center gas accumulation at Rulison-Grand Valley-Parachute fields – Steve Cumella
  • White River Dome Field tight sandstone and deep coal production – Terri Olson
  • Image log interpretation examples – Randy Koepsell
  • Reservoir categorization in Mesaverde sandstones with petrophysics – Michael Holmes
  • Natural fracture prediction – Steve Laubach
  • Outcrop LIDAR – Amanda Ellison
  • Surface structure and fracture identification – Jim Howe
  • Upper Cretaceous/Tertiary sequence stratigraphy of the Northern Piceance – Penny Patterson
  • Tertiary stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential –Ron Johnson
  • Atwell Gulch Member of the Wasatch: outcrop data – Larry Jones
  • Depositional models for the Prairie Canyon Member of the Mancos Shale – Donna Anderson