WyGISC: A Geospatial Clearinghouse for Wyoming

Title: WyGISC: A Geospatial Clearinghouse for Wyoming
Author: Wendy Berelsen, GIS Research Scientist WyGISC
Publication: The Outcrop, August 2003, p. 17

The Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC) is located at the University of Wyoming. The research focus of WyGISC is in the use of advanced spatial technologies, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3-D visualization and Global Positioning Systems, to support decision-making and management of Wyoming’s natural resources, while at the same time benefiting Wyoming’s economy. The information transfer and decision support tools being developed by the WyGISC provides researchers, managers and the public with access to data required making informed decisions. These tools also facilitate collaborative planning by helping to bridge the span between varied disciplines and jurisdictions that has traditionally complicated the integrated management of natural resources.

WyGISC houses many data sets that are useful to researchers who use spatial data in the Rocky Mountain Region. Below is a list of several clearinghouses and data access sites. A complete list of WyGISC data products is at http://www.wygisc.uwyo.edu/products.html.

  • The Wyoming Natural Resource Data Clearinghouse is the largest clearinghouse of digital geospatial data for Wyoming and is useful for download of spatial data of all categories. It is located at http://www.wygisc.uwyo.edu/clearinghouse/.
  • Geologic, mineral resource, and many other types of data can be accessed via an Internet map server on the Wyoming Oil and Gas Resource Assessment Mapper (WOGRA). This Internet map server allows you to pan, zoom, and query multiple maps and databases of Wyoming. Access WOGRA at http://wogra.wygisc.uwyo.edu/misc/wograindex.html.
  • In May 2003, the Wyoming CBM (coalbed methane) Clearinghouse web site (http://www.cbmclearinghouse.info) was made available to the public. This site, developed and hosted by WyGISC, is a clearinghouse of information pertaining to CBM in the Powder River Basin in and around Wyoming. It includes an interactive map viewer.
  • WyomingView is a remote sensing consortium aimed at expanding remote sensing education and research activities in the state of Wyoming, including making free remote sensing data available for download. You can download ETM7+ and MODIS satellite data. Data can be accessed at http://www.wygisc.uwyo.edu/wyview/.
  • The Wyoming Digital Orthophoto Browser contains for download both DOQQ (digital orthophoto quad) and color NAPP (National Arial Photography Program) aerial photo coverage for the majority of Wyoming (http://www.wygisc.uwyo.edu/doqq/search.html).
  • The digital Wyoming Atlas has over 500 thematic maps of Wyoming, including categories in Environment, Economy, History/Culture, Population/Society, Recreation/Tourism, and Transportation/Communication. Access it at http://www.wygisc.uwyo.edu/atlas/.