President’s Column – June 2003

Title: President’s Column
Author: Bruce Kelso
Publication: The Outcrop, June 2003, p. 3

While August of 2004 isn’t even on most of our calendars, day timers or PDAs, there are a small and growing number of RMAG members who are intensely focused on that date. The Rocky Mountain Section Meeting of AAPG (RMS-AAPG) will be hosted by RMAG in Denver on August 9-11, 2004. As the host organization, RMAG and its member volunteers will be responsible for organizing and coordinating the meeting, which in past years has drawn more that [sic] 1,000 attendees when held in Denver.

The 2004 Section meeting is going to be a special event, in that it will be jointly coordinated by the RMS-AAPG and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA). COGA’s annual meeting, usually held in August each year, draws more than 1,000 attendees, predominately from the business, financial, pipeline, and marketing side of the oil and gas industry. The intent of joining the two meetings is to provide a meeting environment where synergies between the technical and business aspects of the industry can benefit each other. In order to accommodate the estimated combined attendance of 2,000, the meeting will be held at the Colorado Convention Center.

The tentative theme for the meeting is “Rockies Natural Gas Summit,” fostering the anticipated Rocky Mountain future for natural gas supply and development. The AAPG side of the meeting will have its customary pre- and post-meeting short courses and field trips. COGA will have its pre-meeting golf tournament and post-meeting investment forum. Technical sessions specific to each organization will be held on Monday, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. A joint, open session is being planned for both organizations on Tuesday morning. Exhibitors and poster sessions from both the AAPG and COGA sectors will be on-site in the convention center. The details of a joint registration are being worked out so that AAPG and COGA members can attend each other’s functions.

AAPG session topics being considered at this time include: overview perspectives of coalbed methane, gas shales, basin centered gas and conventional gas resources; future gas resources; pipeline strategies; market price prediction; building future companies; targeting specific basins; and new field development.

Planning, organizing and putting on a meeting of this magnitude requires a tremendous amount of volunteer people-power. The joint meeting effort is being spearheaded by two very qualified chairmen: Randy Ray for AAPG and Fred Julander for COGA. Committee members will be needed to organize technical and poster sessions, short courses, field trips and social events. If you are interested in becoming involved with this meeting on the AAPG side, you can contact Randy directly at or through the RMAG office at (303) 573-8621. For the COGA side of the meeting, you can contact the COGA office at (303) 861-0362, or Fred Julander at