Board of Directors Meeting – April 2003

Title: Highlights of the April RMAG Board Meeting
Author: Bob Basse
Publication: The Outcrop, June 2003, p. 21

From convention planning to tennis to advertising, your Board is never far from the subject of money. However, unlike our Federal government, this organization adheres to its budget and it remains in balance, thanks to a strong executive in our front office, new and continuing membership, and your participation in RMAG organized events.

The Rocky Mountain section of the AAPG will hold, jointly with COGA, their August 2004 meeting here in Denver. Many RMAG members will be among the organizing committee and the planning effort is a mammoth undertaking with much new ground to be covered in this era of fiscal conservatism. We cannot have meeting chairman Randy Ray growing old before his time, so please offer to help as you can.

Ken Parrott presented a budget proposal for the ever-popular RMAG Tennis Tournament (August 22 at the Colorado Athletic Club-Inverness) and it was approved, so practice hard all summer and you can be in contention for the awards.

Advertising in the Mountain Geologist has just become simpler thanks to rate changes approved by the Board. Check it out and post your good name in this prestigious publication; you will be helping yourself and the RMAG.

We all have had the opportunity to work among whom we might now label “The Legends of the Rocky Mountain Oil Industry,” and are better off for having had such encounters. Steve Goolsby and the Continuing Education Committee wonder how best we might showcase these individuals and corral our members to come learn from their experiences while they are still around to share their life stories. Call Steve with your suggestions, or if you can help with the Fall Symposium, or if you have ideas on how to bring more youth into our demographically-biased membership, or just to tell him how much you appreciate all he does for this organization. He can be reached at 303-773-3514.