GeoLand Ski Day 2003 Motto: Work Hard and Play Hard!

Title: GeoLand Ski Day 2003 Motto: Work Hard and Play Hard!
Publication: The Outcrop, May 2003, p. 16-17

It was a perfect day for skiing and socializing for those who participated in this year’s GeoLand Ski Day. On March 7th two European style coaches were used to comfortably carry over 100 downhill and cross country skiers and snow boarders to Vail Mountain Resort. The mountain had plenty of fresh new snow from the previous three days to help turn this year’s trip into another dynamite day of skiing, riding and socializing at one of the premier RMAG annual events. The skies were bright blue and the conditions were great with over 18″ of new powder on top of a 68″ base. The back bowls greeted many of us with uncut knee-deep powder to practice that famous head plant in. The bumps an Riva Ridge were in great shape, big and soft with plenty of powder and as usual at Vail the groomed trails like Simba were well maintained for those who liked cruising.

Pat Irwin, Tommy Thompson and friends at Wildwood.

After a full day of skiing an Aprés Ski Party was held in Lion’s Head at Billy’s Island Grill from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Great service, food and beverage was enjoyed by all the geologists, landmen, and other oil industry personnel who were fortunate enough to join in this year’s ski day. The bus ride home was smooth, entertaining and full of interesting conversation between the riders. A moment was taken to honor Dennis Irwin, who was an active supporter of this trip for many many years. This year’s trip was hosted by both the RMAG and DAPL. Chris Gough was Chairman for the RMAG, and John Obourn and Robert Bram were chairmen for the DAPL.

A special thanks to the sponsors listed below who make this annual event possible. This was one on the largest groups we’ve had in the past several years with 121 registrants. Some companies sent groups of several people. This is a great way of meeting with other industry professionals, as well as having a great time.

This year’s motto was: Work hard and play hard! Hope to see you again next year!