Board of Directors Meeting – January 2003

Title: Highlights of the January RMAG Board Meeting

Author: Bob Basse

Publication: The Outcrop, March 2003, p. 11

Finances, Membership, and Volunteers were recurring themes in the January Board of Directors meeting.

The RMAG is in great shape financially thanks to some very successful topical events and some conservative investing last year, which together left the organization with a surplus at the start of this year. Furthermore, membership renewal rate at the beginning of the fiscal year is higher than in past years thanks to all you loyal members out there! Since everything the RMAG does depend on its membership, this is indeed a good start on FY2003. The Board approved the annual budget anticipating a year much like the previous.

Volunteers make this organization work and the list of those chairing topical committees reads like a Who’s Who in Rocky Mountain geology. Thanks go out from the Board to all of you who gave of your time last year and have now re-upped for another year of meeting the needs of the organization and fulfilling the expectations of our membership. The Board looks forward to greeting all of you personally and welcoming new chairpersons at an upcoming gathering.

Opportunities for involvement abound. The CBM Symposium is scheduled for June 10. The Fall Symposium is currently in the planning stages and Steve Goolsby would love to hear from you if you’d like to help. The Prospect Fair committee is in need of a co-chair and the Web Page committee needs strengthening as technology and opportunities for outreach grow. President-Elect Donna Anderson observed that the financial health of the RMAG currently stems from an aging membership and a few sure-thing recurring venues so there is clearly a need for an RMAG 2020 Committee with a visionary chairperson.