Letters from 50 Year Members

Title: Letters from 50 Year Members
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2003, p. 14

Editors’ note: The December, 2002 issue of The Outcrop recognized 28 50-year members of RMAG. These members were also recognized at the Rockbusters’ Ball in November. In response to this recognition, the RMAG office received the following letters from two of these members:

Thanks for your letter acknowledging my 50-year membership in the RMAG. I moved to Denver in June, 1951, and attended my first RMAG meeting in the late summer or fall of that year in the ballroom of the Albany Hotel. So your ancient records of membership are correct.

RMAG is a great organization and is still full of vitality. I am proud of having been associated with it for 51 years. Incidentally, I still remember about 20 of the 50-year members on your list, and I still count several as good friends through the years.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Rockbusters’ Ball. Give my regards to all.

Yours truly,

Robert R. Berg

Thank you for your memo received on November 2, 2002 and the attached list of 50-Year members. Although most of the referenced members are still in the Denver Metro area reading the list was like having a mini-reunion.

I don’t have any written proof of the year in which I joined, but circumstances I do recall bear out my having joined RMAG in the summer of 1950. I arrived in Denver about mid-June of that year and worked at Geophoto Services until the end of March 1951. For the next two years I worked for the USGS in Alabama. During this period my recollection is that I continued to maintain my membership in RMAG. In the spring of 1953 I returned to Denver when W. W. Doeringsfeld, C. L. Amuedo and I formed a partnership that continues to do business today as Amuedo and Ivey, Inc. I am certain that my membership is continuous from 1953, and about 95 % certain that it dates continuously from 1950.

Unfortunately, it appears that I will not be at the Rockbusters’ Ball. I will miss seeing the “old timers”, but this will give me impetus to contact many of them personally and catch up on their activities.


John B. Ivey