To the RMAG Foundation Trustees and Donors

Title: To the RMAG Foundation Trustees and Donors
Author: Vivien Cumming
Publication: The Outcrop, August 2010, p. 14

I was recently awarded the Norman H. Foster Scholarship and I wanted to write to thank you for the generous support making this grant possible. I am currently in the first year of my PhD at Durham University in the UK. My project involves using Rhenium and Osmium radioisotopes as a geochronological tool. I am developing the use of this tool in lacustrine sediments and associated hydrocarbons. I hope to successfully develop the Re-Os geochronometer as a tool that is useful not only on an academic level but also to the petroleum industry in a variety of ways, from enhancing stratigraphy to understanding petroleum generation events. My project involves using shales and hydrocarbons from the Uinta Basin in Utah end Piceance Basin in Colorado. Because of this grant, I will be able to carry out fieldwork in Utah and Colorado this summer; previously I would have had to rely on core and oil samples shipped to me. It will be a great experience seeing and collecting my samples in the field and will allow me to put the project in context much more reliably.

Thank you very much for this opportunity, I look forward to meeting some of you at the luncheon on the 6th August.