Board of Directors Meeting – September 2004

Title: Highlights of the September RMAG Board Meeting
Author: Laura L. Wray
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2004, p. 28

All the financial reports associated with RMAG programs and projects continue to be on or ahead of the projected 2004 budget.  This reflects the care with which our diligent office staff, Sandi and Chris, prepares reasonable and attainable budget line items! Thanks to you both for preparing accurate budgets that continue to allow income to exceed expenses.

Be on the lookout for a close-out sale of selected RMAG publications. You will be able to buy them at heavily discounted prices with an additional 10% off 3 or more publications on the fire sale list. Check the RMAG website for details or call the office.

Jim Minelli has graciously agreed to chair the RMAG Speaker’s Program for Friday luncheons in 2005. We feel confident that Jim would welcome any suggestions for speakers and topics that would be of interest to RMAG members.

The last two months of 2004 will provide all sorts of professional and social distractions from work:

  • Nov. 1             Prospect Fair & Technofest
  • Nov. 3-5         Weimerfest at CSM (honoring Bob Weimer)
  • Nov. 15           Fall Symposium – Hydrothermal Dolomites
  • Nov. 20           Rockbuster’s Ball at the Columbine Country Club

Come join your RMAG colleagues at these events!