2004 RMAG Tennis Tournament

Title: 2004 RMAG Tennis Tournament
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2004, p. 32-33

The 2004 RMAG Tennis Tournament was held on August 27th at the Colorado Athletic Club at Inverness. This year’s event was another great success with 44 participants who all enjoyed a great day of competition and camaraderie. We did happen to pick the worst weather day of the summer, but in spite of the impending rain, we were able to complete the entire tournament. This is the largest draw in several years and was marked by several new faces. Because of the number of participants, two B Division draws were used so we have two B Division winners. First-time participant Ian Harris was the A Division winner. For this first time ever, one of the B Divisions had a three-way tie for first place between Tom Riebel, John Savage, and Don Stone. The other B Division was won by Brant Gimmeson. The list of winners this year is:

A Division 

First Place – Ian Harris

Second Place – Gary Lay

Third Place – Mackie Cannon

B Division

First Place Tie — Tom Riebel, John Savage, and Don Stone

B Division

First Place – Brant Gimmeson

Second Place – Tom Wright

Third Place – Doran Adams

The Jake Warden trophy is given annually to the senior player who wins the most games. This year’s winner was Don Stone (his second year to win this award).