Progress Report on the GRI Collection

Title: Progress Report on the GRI Collection
Author: Robert Sorgenfrei
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2004, p. 8

The GRI Collection was donated last spring to the Arthur Lakes Library at Colorado School of Mines in Golden. It has been sorted and organized by report number and searched to see if the report already existed in the collection. Duplicate reports have been separated out from ones that were not already represented. GRI reports that are already cataloged and ready for use can be found in the online library catalog, Catalyst. In some cases, the GRI publications were never bound and will have to be bound, either in-house or at a commercial bindery. If someone desperately needs a report that has not yet been cataloged, it can be retrieved by the report number if known. However, any uncataloged report would have to be used within the library and could not be checked out. In some cases, reports may be at the bindery being bound and would not be available.

As the year progresses, more and more reports should be showing up in Catalyst ( Most likely by the end of summer, 2005, all reports will have been cataloged, repaired and bound.

At the annual book sale in February, CSM will sell the duplicate reports by the box. Information on pricing and how the reports will be sold will not be available until next February. Information will be on the library website at that time.