Luncheon – October 15, 2004

Title: NEXTMap USA
Speaker: Matthew D. Cross, Intermap Federal Services, Inc., Denver, CO
Publication: The Outcrop, October 2004, p. 4-5

There has long been a need for continuous, accurate, large area datasets for consistent mapping and feature analysis. In the next decade it will be critical to have information that is not only accurate, but also consistent and predictable over large areas of interest. Intermap Technologies Inc. (Intermap), has developed the NEXTMap USA program to address these needs.

Intermap has been in the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) business since 1996, and has upgraded and perfected the original system developed from a joint program of DARPA, ERIM and JPL. Since the initial acquisition, we have collected data in over 80 countries worldwide for a variety of needs and applications.

In 2002, Intermap initiated NEXTMap Britain, a program that successfully mapped Great Britain (>200,000 km2) with our IFSAR. The high resolution of the Orthorectified Radar Image (1.25 meters) and the Digital Elevation Model (better than 1 meter vertical accuracy) produced the most accurate countrywide map ever created. This philosophy was continued with NEXTMap Indonesia, a 250,000 km2 commercially funded mapping project.

In October 2003, Intermap initiated NEXTMap USA, a comprehensive mapping program for collecting high-resolution imagery and DEM’s for the USA (7.8 million km2) within the next 5 years. This FGDC compliant data set will provide a consistent, predictable base layer for feature extraction, data integration, visualization and other GIS studies. Applications this data can support include forest and rangeland management, agriculture, geologic studies, oil and gas exploration, urban regional planning, transportation management, and land use and land cover assessment.

IFSAR data has had a long and successful history in assisting geologists in searching for petroleum and minerals through the better understanding of the surface expression of the geology. Map quality products from IFSAR allow the accurate positioning of seismic lines, roads, and other construction activities supporting both the exploration and production activities.