On-the-Rocks in July 2004

Title: On-the-Rocks in July: Eastern San Juan Mountains
Trip Leader: Dr. Pete Varney, Metro State College
Dates: July 10 and 11, 2004
Publication: The Outcrop 2004, p. 8

This two-day field excursion will start on Saturday with an up-close look at the Slumgullion Slide east of Lake City, Colorado. We will look at and discuss the slide, actually an earth flow, and will hike to the top of its headscarp where we will see not only the entire length of the flow but an outstanding view of the Lake City caldera as well. On Sunday, the emphasis shifts to glacial features. We will hike up Cooper Creek, west of Lake City, to see both a magnificent glacial valley and a hanging valley that could have come out of a textbook. Of course, there are volcanic features related to the Lake City caldera as well.

Be forewarned that the hikes verge on strenuous. The hike up the earthflow is only about 1.5 miles, but steep. The hike to Cooper Lake is about 3.5 miles and involves significant elevation gain. For both, the scenery and geology make up for the physical effort.

To sign up, e-mail Fred Mark: fredmark@wispertel.net or call 303.674.1682.