On-the-Rocks Field Trip September 25, 2004

Title: On-the-Rocks Field Trip September 25, 2004: Mineral Deposits of the Upper San Luis Valley, Including the Bonanza District and the Orient Mine
Trip Leaders: J. Cappa, et.al., Colorado Geological Survey
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2004, p 5

High points of the field trip will include a visit to the Orient Mine, an iron mine hosted by the Leadville Limestone; a visit to the Villa Grove turquoise mine; and finally the Bonanza mining district, where we will take a good look at the Eocene-Oligocene volcanic units of the district, the Rawley Andesite and the Bonanza Tuff. Ample opportunity will be given to knocking around the dumps of the Rawley Mine.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended for this all-day trip. Bring lunch, water, and appropriate field gear for late September (that means everything from jackets and gloves to shorts and sunscreen). The drive time from Denver is several hours and those attending may wish to consider staying overnight in Salida. The trip will be limited to 25 participants and as of 7/30/04, 17 have signed up, so if you would like to go don’t procrastinate. To sign up for the trip, e-mail Fred Mark fredmark@wispertel.net, or call 303-674-1682.