Bolyard Family Contributes Scholarship to RMAG Foundation

Title: Bolyard Family Contributes Scholarship to RMAG Foundation
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2004, p. 30

Dudley and Marion Bolyard have contributed $30,000 to the RMAG Foundation to establish a scholarship fund for a graduate student in geology at the University of Colorado. The RMAG Foundation has contributed matching funds of $10,000, bringing the total to $40,000. It is hoped that future contributions will increase the fund to an amount that will support additional scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate students.

The RMAG Foundation has traditionally awarded annual scholarships to graduate students at the University of Colorado, Colorado School of Mines and Colorado State University. This new Bolyard family scholarship will now provide for the scholarship to a graduate student at the University of Colorado. The Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund annually awards two scholarships to graduate students with thesis projects in the Rocky Mountain Region, with applicants solicited from about 40 institutions. The Foundation also presents the Neal J. Harr Award to outstanding seniors at each Colorado college that offers a Bachelor’s degree in geology.

The Foundation also has supported the Denver Earth Resources Library, the RMAG Teacher of the Year Award, several educational videos and publications and many popular geology projects such as Dinosaur Ridge, the Boy Scouts of America and awards for the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair.

Regarding their gift, Dudley and Marion said:

RMAG and RMAGA have been a major part of our lives for 45 years, and this is a token of our appreciation. It is partly a way of giving back to the geological profession. More importantly, however, we wish to encourage scholastic achievement, leadership, and ingenuity in future generations. We are impressed by the RMAG Foundation’s goals, accomplishments, efficiency, and financial transparency. The Foundation has almost no overhead, so all of our contribution will go to its intended use. By doing this through the Foundation, we eliminate the expense of setting up our own foundation, while providing for growth and perpetuity. We hope to set an example that will encourage other members of RMAG and RMAGA to use the Foundation as a vehicle for their philanthropy.


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