AGI Appoints Dr. Ann Benbow Director of Education, Outreach and Development

Title: AGI Appoints Dr. Ann Benbow Director of Education, Outreach and Development
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2004, p. 29

The American Geological Institute (AGI) announces the senior appointment of Dr. Ann E. Benbow to the position of Director of Education, Outreach, and Development. With the organization for over a year as Director of Development and Outreach, Dr. Benbow will bring to bear her depth of experience in science education to continue to build on AGI’s leading efforts in geoscience education. Previously with the SPRY Foundation and the American Chemical Society, Dr. Benbow has authored dozens of articles and has been Principal Investigator on numerous National Science Foundation-funded projects such as Operation Chemistry and Science Across the Generations.

Within the context of AGI’s Education program, Dr. Benbow is heading up a number of key educational initiatives, including the NSF-funded CUES program as well as continued teacher professional development efforts. She desires to see traditional geoscience in secondary education undergo a structural change to incorporate a “system science” approach which is fueled by her extensive background in the development of curriculum and instruction of science programs. Dr. Benbow’s goal is to complement the current middle and high school curricula with an elementary earth science program.

In addition to her Education duties, Dr. Benbow will continue to lead AGI’s Outreach efforts, including AGI’s Earth Science Week Program and AGI’s current effort in the development of a television series on Earth history.

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