AAPG Grants-In-Aid Recipients

Title: AAPG Grants-In-Aid Recipients
Publication: The Outcrop, July 2004, p. 5

Congratulations to the following graduate students who have received AAPG Grants-In-Aid:

Robert Amberman, Colorado School of Mines, “Structural Analysis of Soft-Sediment Deformation in a Paleo-Submarine Slump and Slide Complex and Prediction of Overlying Deep-Water Sandstone Archtecture.”

Kimberly Doupe, Colorado School of Mines, “Structural and Stratigraphic Compartmentalization at Cave Gulch Field, Wind River Basin, Wyoming.”

Nathanial Gilbertson, Colorado School of Mines, “3-D Geologic Modeling and Fracture Interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone, Alcova Incline, Wyoming.”

Adriana Rigoris, Colorado School of Mines, “Source Rock Analysis of the Lower Member of the Lewis Shale, Washakie Basin, Wyoming.”

Surassawadee Tanprasat, Colorado School of Mines, “Petrophysical Analysis of Vuggy Porosity in the Sauaiba Formation, United Arab Emirates.”

Leyton Woolf, Colorado School of Mines, “Response of Stratigraphic Column to Basement-Involved Tectonics at Hamilton Done Field, Hot Springs County, Wyoming.”

Thomas Neely, Colorado State University, “3-D Strain at Transitions in Foreland Arch Geometry: Structural Modeling of the Beartooth Arch – Rattlesnake Mountain Transition, NW Wyoming.”