Board of Directors Meeting – November 2003

Title: Highlights of the November RMAG Board Meeting
Author: Bob Basse
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2004, p. 9

As always, it’s all about money and people:

FY2003 will end in the black with about $20,000 headed for the rainy day fund, which is currently valued at $365,000 and has yielded about 11% this year, thanks to the active management provided by Account Manager Bill Brinckerhoff with UBS and decisions made by the 2003 Board. FY2003 closes out this month (November), while FY2004 commences in December; both are $500,000 budgets supported by a membership that topped out at 2,142 this month. If you do the math, you can immediately compute the value (beyond dues) of participation in technical activities, publication sales, and corporate sponsorships that enable the RMAG to provide all it does for its members.

Except for two, the RMAG is an all-volunteer army, but without our office staff, Sandi Pellissier and Chris Houston, much of the daily drive that moves this organization might grind to a halt. Not only are they helpful, consistently constructive, and pleasantly demanding, but their efforts are often above and beyond the call of duty, so this Board wishes to thank Sandi and Chris for all they have done this year to insure the success of the RMAG and for making our jobs as officers simpler!

Before leaving the subject of volunteers, a few good men and women are still needed to run parts of this organization next year, including help with the Prospect Fair and Technofest, the Directory Committee, and the Continuing Education committee. The office phone number is located in the front of this Outcrop, so don’t be shy: call Sandi or Chris, thank them for doing such a great job running the RMAG office and then volunteer to help!