RMAG Parks and Monuments: A Call for Papers and More . . .

Title: RMAG Parks and Monuments: A Call for Papers and More . . .
Author: Pete Varney
Publication: The Outcrop, February 2004, p. 22

Colorado is a state noted for its national parks and monuments as well as its numerous state parks and other points of geologic interest. With that in mind, there will soon be a new section of The Mountain Geologist that will be devoted to articles about these sites. The name of the series will be, appropriately, Colorado’s Parks and Monuments. Pete Varney will be the series editor. We anticipate that at some point in the future, we will be able to assemble a stand-alone publication from the many contributions we receive.

The first thing we need is authors, so this is an official call for papers. The guidelines are simple: the paper must emphasize geology and be written in a style that will be useful to professionals while at the same time being accessible to the interested reader. Several examples exist including the excellent new volume Messages in Stone from the Colorado State Geological Survey, Hiking Colorado’s Geology by Ralph and Lindy Hopkins, and Geology of Utah’s Parks and Monuments, from the Utah Geological Association. If you submit a manuscript, please identify it as intended for the Parks and Monuments Series.

The scope will include all Colorado national parks and monuments and the state parks, such as Roxborough, that have interesting geology. Even though the parks and monuments are the primary objective, we want to encourage papers on all areas of significant geologic interest that comprise popular travel destinations including, for example, the Wheeler Geologic Area and the Pawnee Buttes National Grassland.

Ideally, papers will be comprehensive with respect to a particular site and will include road and geologic maps, stratigraphic columns and sections, illustrations and photographs. Just think about what you would like to have when you visit a location for the first time, and you will be well on your way to putting together a paper. At this time, we will not be able to publish in color, but that will likely change at book publishing time.

All papers will be reviewed and edited. If you would like to be a reviewer, or if you wish to suggest a possible author, please contact Pete Varney.

We recognize that the series will not come together overnight. Consider using part of the next field season to build a geologic overview of a park or monument. This is your chance to intellectually “own” a significant piece of Colorado real estate.