Board of Directors Meeting – September, 2005

Title: Highlights of the September, 2005 RMAG Board Meeting
Author: Ira Pasternack
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2005, p. 11

RMAG membership has recently grown to the highest level it has been in twenty years! Thanks to all of the new members (and all of the old regulars!) for joining and supporting RMAG. The organization could not survive without the members, volunteers and staff who are all absolutely necessary for the success of RMAG.

The RMAG Website Employment Page ( is now up and running. RMAG members seeking jobs can easily post their resumes for no charge. RMAG membership and fees are not required for potential employers to place their job postings, once they have registered on the system. Consultants who are RMAG members may post their listings for a nominal $35/year fee.

The year is rapidly drawing to the end, but it is not too late to sign up for a couple more activities. The carbonate core workshop led by Dick Inden, Steve Goolsby and Mark Sonnenfeld will be held at the U.S. Geological Survey Lakewood Core Research Center on November 17th. Based on the feedback received from core workshops held earlier this year, this workshop is sure to provide an excellent opportunity to learn from the rocks.

RMAG’s biggest social event of the year, the Rockbusters Ball, is November 19th. Please plan to attend the Ball so you can catch up with all of those friends that you meant to get together with all year! (Where has the time gone?!)