RMAG Short Course 2006

Title: RMAG SHORT COURSE: Structure and Geology of the Overthrust Belt, January 12, 2006
Publication: The Outcrop, December 2005, p. 21

The recent Covenant Field discovery in central Utah has renewed interest in the Western Thrust Belt, but many of the workers being asked to assess the hydrocarbon potential of the region have little background or experience in thrust belts. On January 12, the RMAG will present a one-day short course that will add value to any worker who is engaged in thrust belt exploration and production, but especially to those working in the western US. This course will provide a means to accelerate experience and to become familiar with tools and techniques used to analyze and move forward in thrust belts. It will also provide means to understand the uncertainty and to assess risk in these complex areas. Scheduled topics and speakers are:

  • History of Thrust Belt Exploration – Monty Hoffman
  • Structural Geology Principles and Tools – Chuck Kluth
  • Regional Structural Geology – Paul Lamerson
  • Seismic Processing and Mapping – Stuart Wright

Anyone who is working on exploration or production in thrust belts, but especially those working in the western US, should plan to attend. This course will add immediate value to that work. A course notebook and lunch is included in the course fee.