On the Rocks 2005

Title: On the Rocks 2005
Author: Fred Marks
Publication: The Outcrop, December 2005, p. 18-20

Thanks to all of the trip leaders who contributed their time to make the On the Rocks field trips a success, as well as the attendees whose interest makes it all worthwhile.  Rather than summarize each trip I thought I would include some photos from each trip.

Photos courtesy of Ron Pritchett, Phyllis Scott and Sandra Mark.


Debris flows and geologic hazards along I-70 west of Denver.
Co-leaders: Jeff Coe, USGS, and Ty Ortez, CDOT


Sandstone dikes along the Front Range – a Laramide stress indicator?
Trip leader: John C. Harms, Consultant


Facies changes in the Cutler Formation
Co-leaders: Pete Varney and Jim Venable, Metro State College


The geology of Colorado wine
Co-leaders: Skip Hase and Larry Madsen, Mesa State College