Fund Established to Help Susan Landon

Title: Fund Established to Help Susan Landon
Authors: Matt Silverman and Robbie Gries
Publication: The Outcrop, December 2005, p. 13

Susan Landon, a Past-President and Honorary Member of RMAG, suffered a traumatic brain injury while skiing on February 22. Comatose for several weeks and with little memory of the months after the accident, Susan has struggled to regain her health, both mental and physical. She is wheelchair-bound and dependent on nursing help to turn in bed, eat, and exercise. While she is regaining her memory, it is currently erratic. Susan will continue to need physical, occupational, and speech therapy for at least a year, possibly for many years. The prognosis seems good that Susan will eventually be able to walk and resume an active life, but it has been slow and will continue to be slow.SusanPic copy

Susan is currently at Learning Services, a rehabilitation facility in Lakewood, Colorado. She could be there for six months or more depending upon the rate of her recovery. Susan will continue to require special care and therapy even when she goes to her home or to another temporary home until she can manage well and safely on her own.

It now seems likely that she will have expenses of $500,000 not covered by insurance over the next five years. Many of her friends have asked how they could assist financially.

A tax-deductible gift to help Susan can be made through the National Transplant Assistance Fund (NTAF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people who experienced catastrophic injuries. Ninety-six percent of each check goes to pay Susan’s medical and related expenses, either directly or as a reimbursement.