USGS Assessment for Southwest Wyoming Now Available

Title: USGS Assessment for Southwest Wyoming Now Available
Author: Ira Pasternack
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2005, p. 11

The U.S. Geological Survey recently published oil and gas assessment results for the Southwestern Wyoming Province, more commonly known as the Greater Green River Basin, located in southwestern Wyoming, northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah. The adjoining map is modified from Figure 1 in Chapter 1 of the publication; the boundary of the Southwestern Wyoming Province described in the study is indicated with the yellow line.

usgs-1The study utilized the total petroleum system characterization approach to establish the genetic, spatial, and temporal relationships between the fundamental elements (source rock, reservoir rock, seals and overburden) and processes (generation, migration, entrapment and preservation) responsible for petroleum accumulations. Nine total petroleum systems were identified in the study and geological analyses and assessment results are presented for each. Many excellent province-wide maps and regional cross sections are included that will be very useful to analyses of the region.

The title of the new publication is: “Petroleum Systems and Geologic Assessment of Oil and Gas in the Southwestern Wyoming Province, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah,” available on CD ROM as USGS Digital Data Series DDS-69-D. For a complimentary copy of the CD ROM, please send a request via email to Christa Lopez at making sure to include your street or post office mailing address.