Pick Award Recipients, 2005

Title: Pick Award Recipients
Publication: The Outcrop, June 2005, p. 9

Each year RMAG awards the Neil J. Harr Outstanding Student Award to the outstanding senior geology students at Colorado’s colleges and universities. The faculty at each school are asked to select their outstanding student. The award is most often referred to as the Pick Award, because each recipient receives a rock hammer engraved with their name. Recipients at the April 15th luncheon are (left to right) Laura Taylor (University of Colorado, Denver), Tara Chesley (University of Colorado, Boulder), James Trzcinski (Colorado School of Mines), Kurtus Woolf (University of Northern Colorado), John Quigley (Mesa State College), and Kiel Arndt (Colorado State University). Other recipients are Rebecca Zentmyer (Colorado College), Todd Osmera (Ft. Lewis College), and Cody Allen (Western State College).