Noteworthy Collectives Apt To Be Seen or Heard In or Around the Oil Patch

Title: Noteworthy Collectives Apt to be Seen or Heard in or Around the Oil Patch
Author: Wally Hansen
Publication: The Outcrop, June 2005, p. 5

A clatter of typists
A file of secretaries
A stack of librarians
A line of drafters
A dusting of field geologists
A play of landmen
A core of drillers
A barrel of crude oil geologists
A species of paleontologists
A sneeze of palynologists
A solution of chemists
A rumble of seismologists
An array of geophysicists
A plate of tectonophysicists
A pride of office chiefs (lions all)
A fathom of oceanographers
A column of stratigraphers
A bed of sedimentologists
A coil of herpetologists
An index of mineralogists
A stage of petrographers
A facet of crystallographers
A projection of geographers
A cycle of geomorphologists
An extrusion of volcanologists
A torrent of hydrologists
A flurry of meteorologists
A change of climatologists
An ecotone of botanists
A ring of dendrochronologists
A dig of archaeologists
A frieze of glaciologists
A volume of authors
A redaction of editors