Interpretive Geologic Signs Supported by RMAG

Title: Interpretive Geologic Signs Supported by RMAG
Author: by Sue Ellen Hirschfeld, Outreach and Education Chair, Colorado Scientific Society
Publication: The Outcrop, May 2005, p. 7

About two years ago, the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists contributed $500 for the creation of interpretive geologic signs by the Outreach and Education Committee of the Colorado Scientific Society. We want to thank you for your contribution and to inform RMAG members that four signs are now finished and erected at two sites in Golden. They can be viewed at the Parfet Prehistoric Preserve Triceratops Trail and on the overlook at the Buffalo Bill Museum on Lookout Mountain. The signs cover the geologic history of the Golden area and Front Range from 80 million years ago to the present.

The “Triceratops Trail” is a self-guided, 1/4 mile loop trail that crosses part of the Laramie Formation.

Along the trail are well-preserved dinosaur, bird, mammal, and beetle tracks, exquisite palm fronds, other plant remains, and indications of former clay mining operations. The trail is just south of 19th Street, adjacent to the northwest corner of Golden’s Fossil Trace Golf Course. It can be reached from the paved bike path that parallels Highway 6. Stop at Dinosaur Ridge Visitor’s Center (16831 W. Alameda Parkway) to pick up a free descriptive brochure to the trail or follow the interpretive signs along the trail. To see the signs at the Buffalo Bill Museum overlook, follow the Lariat Loop up Lookout Mountain Road. The signs are on the patio just to the north of the Museum.