Desk and Derrick Helps Educate with the Magic Suitcase

Title: Desk and Derrick Helps Educate with the Magic Suitcase
Author: Robbie Gries
Publication: The Outcrop, April 2005, p. 8

Do you know what a great job Desk and Derrick Club of Denver does in petroleum education? Here is an excerpt from a letter of thanks written to DDD by a second grade teacher from the Cherry Creek Schools:

“I am writing in thanks of your Magic Suitcase Program. I want you to know what an impact this program has had on my personal opinions and those of my students and colleagues.”

“The teachers of America in general are liberals and unfortunately are not always well informed in their…opinions. We show them pictures of animals killed in oil spills. We talk about how terrible air pollution is. We tell them how oil companies are ruining the planet and their futures. We do all this while driving to work, sitting on our plastic chairs, wearing our synthetic clothes and brushing our teeth with petroleum products. This is what students across America are learning, unless they have seen the Magic Suitcase.”

“Every year before the Magic Suitcase arrives I ask my students about oil. They tell me all the things that I mentioned above, how bad it is for our environment. At the end of the presentation my second graders are going around the room pointing out everything that surrounds them daily, everything that has petroleum in it. They go home, excited to share their new information with their families. In my school alone, your presentations are opening the eyes of hundreds of people each year.”

“In a business where you must fight daily to improve public opinion, where all of the media is focused on destroying you, the Magic Suitcase provides you with a way to reach thousands of people across the Rocky Mountain region. These children are learning about the wonders of petroleum. They are learning to look at the whole picture. Thank you for opening our eyes.”

Laurie Cocharo, EXCO Resources Inc. and member of DDD, teaches people how to visit schools with the Magic Suitcase (in addition to visiting schools herself). I would urge geologists with RMAG and other people in your companies to get with Laurie and the DDD and help them visit all of the schools in our region each year. This can be an excellent adjunct to RMAG’s outreach programs. For more information contact Jessica Trevino, 2005 President of DDD, at 303-296-3435.