Rockbusters Ball 2005

Title: Scenes from the 2005 Rockbusters Ball
Event Date: November 19, 2005
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2006, p. 18-19

The annual Rockbusters Ball was held at the Columbine Country Club on Saturday November 19. Over 300 members and their guests enjoyed the festivities that were presided over by Master of Ceremonies Gary Nydegger. Music during the cocktail hour was provided by the Paleo Plunkers. The RMAG 2005 professional awards were presented, and 50-year members were recognized.  Outgoing President Elmo Brown presented ammonites as tokens of appreciation to all 2005 Board members, and incoming 2006 President Bob Cluff presented Elmo with a large trilobite mounted on a plaque. The most memorable moment of the evening was provided by Susan Landon, who stood when all past presidents were recognized.

The 2005 Board presented outgoing President Elmo Brown with this trilobite.
Doug Strickland, with Wolverine Gas and Oil, received the Outstanding Explorer award for the discovery of Covenant Field in the Utah Hingeline.
Susan Landon was escorted by her husband Dick Dietz and friend Robbie Gries.
John Rold and Fred Meisner enjoyed the evening’s festivities.
Elmo Brown presents Fred Mark with the Distinguished Public Service to the Earth Sciences Award.
Elmo Brown presents Steve Cumella with the Outstanding Scientist Award.