Rift Tectonics and Sedimentation, and Morocco Field Trip: Colorado School of Mines

Title: Rift Tectonics and Sedimentation, and Morocco Field Trip: Colorado School of Mines
Field Trip Dates: Spring Semester 2006 (course); May 18-28, 2006 (trip)
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2006, p. 17

Colorado School of Mines is offering a special course on continental rift tectonics, sedimentation, and inversion in the Spring Semester 2006, following by a field excursion to the Atlas Mountain ranges of Morocco. Course topics include readings and lectures on global examples of modern and ancient rift tectonics, pre-, syn- and post-rift sedimentation, inversion styles, and petroleum systems. These topics, along with exercises on carbonate petrology and facies, will prepare participants for the tectonic framework and carbonate stratigraphy that is spectacularly exposed in the inverted Middle and High Atlas ranges of Morocco.

Course coordinator is John Warme, who has worked in Morocco since 1973 and offers field excursions there through AAPG. Instructors include CSM faculty Bruce Trudgill and Chuck Kluth on rift tectonics, Larry Meckel on rift tectonics and sedimentation, John Humphrey and Neil Hurley on carbonate facies, and Nick Harris on rift source rocks.

Weekly meetings are scheduled for Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Off-campus participants should register for GEOL 598C (special studies) or GEOL 643A (carbonate field course).

The Morocco field trip is scheduled for approximately May 18-28, 2006. The tentative schedule includes: nine nights in Morocco; introductions in Rabat at the Ministry of the Interior; overnights in the Royal Cities of Rabat, Fez and Marrakech; field studies in the Jurassic Middle and High Atlas inverted rifts; and Devonian pinnacle reefs on the Sahara Platform.

The course and the field excursion can be taken separately. Industry sponsorship of the excursion is welcomed.

An organizational meeting is scheduled for 5:00 p.m., Thursday, January 12, Berthoud Hall Room 306. For information contact John Warme (303-273-3816; jwarme@mines.edu).