Board of Directors Meeting – November 2006

Title: Highlights of the November 2006 RMAG Board Meeting
Author: John Ladd, Secretary
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2007, p. 26

As is always the case in November, the main topic of the board meeting was the proposed budget for the upcoming year. In times of tight or declining revenue, these meetings have reportedly grown contentious as well as very long. But thanks to an excellent first draft prepared by Sandi Pellissier and the organization’s sound financial state, we were able to approve the bulk of the budget and still make it home in time for dinner. Two issues that remained unresolved after the meeting had to do with possible capital investments in the office, for a new copier and a new phone system. The Board felt that we needed more accurate cost estimates on these items before approving them and deferred a decision until next month.

An increasing number of companies in Denver are going to an every-other-Friday-off schedule. Kathy Emme reported on her analysis of the effect of this on Friday lunch meeting attendance. She concluded that up to now, it has had no discernible effect. In addition, Wednesday would be the only other day in the week that we could hold meetings without conflicting with other society meetings, and it would be difficult to reserve space at the Marriott on a regular basis on that day of the week. The Board decided to take no action on changing the lunch meeting day at this time but recommended that it be revisited next year in case meeting attendance does start to be impacted.

Denis Foley reported on the many activities planned for 2007 by the Continuing Education Committee. Among the additions to the schedule, there will be an ethics course taught by David Abott, which will meet the requirements for geologists who maintain professional registration in Texas. Time and place will be decided later. A two-day field trip to the Raton Basin will be held in conjunction with the June CBM Symposium. The Fall Symposium on structures and paleostructures is in the works but the actual date is still up in the air.

Due to a low level of submissions of articles, the Publications Committee is considering abandoning the idea of issuing a special publication on shale gas reservoirs. Instead, the articles that have been submitted may be published in a special theme issue of the Mountain Geologist.

This may sound repetitive, but financially, RMAG is still doing great. Our net cash flow is positive and income is 65% over budget. Although the joint meeting with COGA had a major positive impact, every other venture is proving financially successful as well. Income from the Geologic Atlas sales now stands at over 200% above budget, and other publications are selling well too, especially due to robust sales at the Prospect Fair. The fair itself was successful: the booths sold out and attendance was up by 10%.