In Memoriam: Ira Kornreich

Title: In Memoriam: Ira Kornreich
Publication: The Outcrop, May 2007, p. 15

Ira Kornreich passed away Saturday afternoon March 10 at Littleton Adventist Hospital in Denver. He had contracted a resistant strain of pneumonia and fought for two months to overcome that and numerous other complications related to it. He was married to Maria Giordano Kornreich, who was a geotech at Mobil. They have two children, Daniel, 15, and Samantha, 7. Ira was most recently employed as a geologist with Noble Energy in Denver and was having a great time planning and drilling a series of horizontal shale gas wells in eastern Oklahoma. During his time at Mobil, he worked on the Prudhoe Bay equity redetermination and then a series of geological/computer applications-related assignments. He was in Denver from 1979-1990 when he was transferred to the Bakersfield office. He and Maria stayed in Bakersfield until 1993, when they chose to move back to Denver.