RMAG Geologists Represent Oil and Gas Community at Career Fair

Title: RMAG Geologists Represent Oil and Gas Community at Career Fair
Author: Connie Knight, PhD
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2010, p. 15

On September 23, geologists Laura Mauro (QEP Resources, Inc.) and Connie Knight (Independent) participated in a Weld County, Colorado career fair. The fair, which was sponsored by Weld County School District RE-1, serviced elementary students from Gilcrest, Platteville, and LaSalle.

Laura and Connie presented to more than 350 (K-grade 5) students. A major emphasis was placed on the significance that petroleum products play in the students’ daily lives. In addition to talking about the vital importance of energy, Laura and Connie showed the students petroleum based products, including plastics, rubber, and medicines.

Thanks to QEP Resources, Inc., the students observed (and smelled) a variety of crude oil samples. The students examined various reservoir rocks end learned about reservoir porosity. After learning about subsurface temperatures and pressures, the older pupils figured out why wells flow oil to the surface.

Career possibilities were presented on a poster. Many students and all of the teachers were given brochures showing multi-faceted careers related to the petroleum industry.

Mauro and Knight emphasized the importance of the petroleum industry to the local citizens and local economy. Students particularly enjoyed learning that they are living right above the Wattenberg gas field.

Students and teachers were enthusiastically engaged during the interactive presentations. All of the students eagerly received a postcard geologic map of Colorado. Educators and students appreciate outreach projects, such as this one. Such efforts promote cooperation among our industry workers, our educators, and local families.