NeoGeos Making a Difference

Title: NeoGeos Making a Difference
Author: Cat Campbell
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2010, p. 27

Saturday, October 2nd was a beautiful day in the Benjamin Betasso Preserve just outside Boulder, Colorado, where three NeoGeos spent the day removing social trails from the landscape. Peter Bucknam, Laura Mauro and Cat Campbell volunteered with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers to restore nearly a mile of unsustainable trails through a unique habitat boasting a bear, a mountain lion and more than 30 species of birds. A new trail is currently under construction and will open next year.

The technical advisor and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers staff liaison Jarret Roberts summarizes his views of having geologists on the project; “one of the highlights of the project was when a volunteer tossed a rock toward one of the geologists asking as it flew through the air, ‘what is this?’ and before the rock even hit the ground the geologist shouted, ‘quartz…with some feldspar.’ It was a pleasure to work with these rock stars and I hope we get to see them out on many more projects.”

The three NeoGeos also enjoyed the day learning how to install check dams and water bars to slow the movement of water through the gullies cut by the trails. Laura comments; “the NeoGeo WRV trail day was an amazing experience and very fulfilling…l love to hike and use trail systems all over Colorado. It felt really good to give back and help out, and now that I know how the WRV works, I plan to take advantage of more opportunities to do volunteer trail work next year.”

Want to learn more? Check out WRV’s website at and look for the giving back story in next month’s Outcrop!