Board of Directors Meeting – September 2010

Title: RMAG September Board of Directors Meeting
Author: Laura Mauro, Secretary
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2010, p. 11

It is the morning of September 30th, the deadline for our Outcrop articles. This is also the day of our Fall Symposium on New Drilling and Completion Techniques to Crack Tough Resource Plays. As I ponder how to convey the comings and doings of the RMAG and attending the symposium today, I can’t help but take a step back and be amazed at all the work and time that various individual volunteers donate to this Association. It is truly incredible the extra effort that some people go through to keep the RMAG moving forward and providing opportunities for our members.

The September Board meeting began with positive financial news that our income is above and our expenses are below budget. Final numbers from the RMAG/COGA meeting came in above expected. The RMAG audit is wrapping up and Crady, Puca, & Associates expects to have a draft of our audited financial statements to us by the end of September.

A sponsorship package for supporting multiple RMAG events at one time has long been discussed and desired and is now taking shape. Sandi presented the first draft of the sponsorship form to the Board and it was well-received. In an effort to promote our sponsorship package and to centralize our efforts, the Board voted to form a Sponsorship Committee with the Treasurer as the liaison reporting to the Board. In a separate action, Tricia Beaver from the Awards Committee presented a list of nominees for the RMAG awards that was unanimously accepted by the Board.

The Continuing Education Committee continues to make progress and promote several upcoming events including the Fall Symposium, Rocky Mountain Expo, and our Winter Short course. The Publications Committee is working diligently on our regular publications as well as several special publications including a compilation series on the Niobrara that is starting to take shape. Jane Estes-Jackson accepted the editor position on the Niobrara series. The Publication Committee recommended a year-end publication sale and the Board voted in favor of the sale, so please take advantage of some great deals.

The Board also voted to offer RMAG student members publications ata discount. We accepted AAPG’s proposal to vectorize and utilize our digital Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region series for their GIS-UDRIL digital library. The Board also moved to setup corporate licenses for all our digital publications since 2002.

The Board agreed on two major changes to our 2011 luncheon program. We will focus on one luncheon meeting a month to be held on Wednesdays in 2011. A major factor in going to just one luncheon a month was persistently low attendance resulting in financial losses on these events. We hope that by offering only one luncheon meeting we can recruit and focus on high-quality talks that will benefit our members and boost attendance numbers. The move from Friday to Wednesday was primarily to accommodate flexible work schedules, especially 9/80s.

The October BOD meeting was held on the 20th at 4:00 p.m. in the University Building. The November meeting will be held on the 17th at 4:00 p.m. in the University Building conference room on the 2nd floor.