2010 – Outstanding Scientist Award

Award: Outstanding Scientist 2010
Awardee: David A. Wavrek
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2010, p. 16

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is pleased to award Dr. David A. Wavrek with its Outstanding Scientist Award for 2010.

Dave founded Petroleum Systems International, Inc. in 1999 with the vision of using a multi-disciplined approach to interpret and model subsurface petroleum generation, migration and entrapment. Since then he has been an innovator in designing and executing petroleum system evaluations integrating geology, geochemistry, fluid inclusion studies, and engineering data in nearly 40 countries and 50 petroleum basins.

Dave received a BS from Mount Union College in both Geology and Chemistry, followed in 1982 by a MS in Geology from the University of Toledo in 1985, and a PhD in Geology from the University of Tulsa in 1995.

Dr. Wavrek participated in the exploration for Covenant Field and is considered to have been a key player in its discovery. Additionally, he has been responsible for unraveling complex petroleum systems internationally that have directly or indirectly led to discoveries, new exploration focus, or added reserves (e.g. Lukoil’s Colombia discovery and Apache’s Western Desert of Egypt activities). His interests include basin-scale risk assessment and exploration strategies, development activities, delineation of reservoir compartments, and identification of oil shows in wells drilled with oil-based muds. He also holds patents on innovative processes to blend or improve oil quality. Dave has approximately 20 publications/patents and has given over 80 technical presentations in the last 13 years. In addition, he has mentored and employed many students. Dave has the ability to integrate various scientific analyses, techniques and theories and apply them to exploration and development solutions.

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists would like to recognize Dr. David A. Wavrek for his contributions to the studies of petroleum systems with its 2010 Outstanding Scientist Award.