2010 – Honorary Membership

Award: Honorary Membership, 2010
Awardee: Steven M. Goolsby
Publication: The Outcrop, November 2010, p. 16

Honorary Membership in the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is awarded to individuals for outstanding service. That service can be in several areas; service to RMAG, to the profession, and/or service to the petroleum industry. Steven Goolsby distinguished himself through his contributions in what can be considered all of these areas – and over a considerable span of years. In 1992 he was awarded Distinguished Service to RMAG. But it is his continued and important contributions since then that are largely the basis of his selection for Honorary Membership.

Some of his most important contributions to RMAG include serving on the Continuing Education Committee, being a member of the Core and Sample Preservation Committee, and chairing the Employment Committee. Steve co-chaired the 1998 Symposium on Carbonate Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Region and the 2005 Symposium on Low Permeability Reservoirs in the Rockies. Steve held positions on the RMAG Board of Directors as 1st Vice-President in 1988, 2nd Vice-President in 2003, President-Elect in 2007, and President in 2008. Throughout the years, Steve has presented numerous papers at RMAG Luncheons, contributed papers to several guidebooks, and reviewed and edited guidebooks. In addition to his RMAG activity, Steve has served on several committees of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Steve has authored or co-authored numerous publications on petrophysics, log analysis, hydrocarbon exploration, coal and coal bed methane. During this period he found time to earn a PhD in Geology at the Colorado School of Mines. Steve is proud of the part he has played in the dissemination of scientific information to the geological professional and being a mentor to geologists early in their careers.

After earning a BS in Geology at Stephen F. Austin State University in 1975 Steve went to work for the United States Geological Survey. By 1981, he and his brother had formed Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc. and worked for a number of clients, including American Hunter. Since 2006 he has been a partner in Coyote Oil and Gas Company, LLC.

It is a pleasure to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of Steven M. Goolsby by selecting him to receive the Association’s Honorary Membership Award.