Board of Directors Meeting – July 2010

Title: RMAG July Board of Directors Meeting
Author: Laura Mauro, Secretary
Publication: The Outcrop, September 2010, p. 6

Our July 21st Board of Directors meeting started off a few minutes early with your very punctual and engaged board members arriving before 4 pm. Anxious to get moving on several important topics, the meeting call to order was at 3:57 pm! A whole three minutes early so we jumped on approval of the June meeting minutes and sped right to news on the 2010 RMAG-COGA Rocky Mountain Energy Epicenter meeting held July 7-9. The event was a well-attended success with over 2000 participants and provided excellent networking opportunities, technical talks, panel discussions, and field trips.

Financially, the RMAG is in good shape for 2010. We are on target for our projected income for July and we are approximately 10% below our budgeted expenses. Overall our 2010 expenses are lower in 2010 than they were in 2009. We have made a lot of headway on the RMAG audit. After reviewing credentials and proposals from two accounting firms, we selected Crady, Puca & Associates as our certified public accountants for the 2009 audit. Eager to get moving, they’ve already come into our office to review records and gather data.

The Continuing Education Committee is making progress on our fall short course on “New Drilling and Completion Technologies to Crack Tough Resource Plays” in September, the Rocky Mountain Expo Prospect Fair and Technofest in November, and the winter short course on “Structural Evolution of Western Basins” in January 2011. The Publications Committee is working on two special publications for 2010 and 2011 as well as our monthly publication, The Outcrop, and quarterly publication, The Mountain Geologist. They are looking for more contributions for the October issue of The Mountain Geologist as well as planning special compilation issues on such topics as uranium, stratigraphy, geothermal resources, and strategic minerals.

The Nominating Committee worked hard last month to put together a great list of people willing to run for the 2011 RMAG Board of Directors. They submitted names for the Board’s review and approval in this meeting. The Board was impressed with the list of candidates and approved the nominees as presented by the committee. The next step is for the Nominating Committee to pass the list of nominees onto the Ballot Committee so they can start working on the election process.

The August BOD meeting was held on the 18th at 4:00 p.m. in the University Building. The September meeting will be held on the 15th at 4:00 p.m. in the University Building conference room on the 2nd floor.