RMAG Foundation News 2010

Title: RMAG Foundation News

Author: Laura Wray

Publication: The Outcrop, August 2010, p. 12-13

This year, thanks to the generosity of our donors and an overall upswing in the market, the RMAG Foundation was able to award an unprecedented 15 scholarships to undergraduates and graduate students doing geologic research. Awards in the amount of $2500 were given to the following students:

Scholarship Awardees
Scholarship Awardees

Four honorary scholarships, funded by the Foundation General Fund, were awarded this year in honor of four outstanding donor groups. The Trustees elected to use Foundation General Funds for each of these honorary awards.

RMAG Trustees Jim Huck (left) and Laura Wray (right) honor Marion and Dudley Bolyard with a special scholarship this year at CU.
  • Dudley and Marian Bolyard have continued a long tradition of generous support to the Foundation and so we have honored them with a special award at CU.
  • Eileen Griffith, Flint Ogle, and Jean Ogle have provided steady funding for the Veterans’ Memorial Scholarships and so a third scholarship was awarded.
  • Don McKenna made a generous contribution to the Philip J. McKenna Scholarship at Colorado College, allowing us to present an honorary award to a rising senior geology major to honor Don, his family, and his late father.
  • Steve Strachan, through the generosity of the Gibbet Hill Foundation, was honored through
    Kurt Reisnider (second from right), joined by Alexis Ault, received an award at CU in honor of Steve Sonheim from Trustees Jim Huck and Laura Wray.

    the awarding of a special scholarship to a graduate student.

    Chris Denison (second from right), winner of the RMAGF CSU Scholarship, is joined by his advisor Dr. Sally Sutton (second from left) and Trustees Jim Huck and Laura Wray.
Eileen Griffith (center) is honored with a special Veteran’s Memorial Scholarship given in her name by Trustees Jim Huck and Laura Wray.

The Trustees acknowledge these exceptional gifts with these honorary awards to very deserving students.

This year, the Foundation underwrote the cost of registration for all students who attended the RMS-AAPG Convention in Durango and provided $300 towards their travel and lodging expenses. Student support for research and educational training continues to be a dominant focus for Foundation funds, and the Trustees are grateful to our donors.

Joe Nicolette (second from right), joined by his wife Anne, received the Bolyard Honorary Award at CU from Trustees Jim Huck and Laura Wray.

Listed below are the 2009 donors for whom we have a record of a gift. We do believe that there are other donors, but we have been unable to get their names from the RMAG Office since the end of 2009. We will continue to work to obtain those names so that the donors can be acknowledged in a later issue.

RMAG Foundation Donors