NeoGeo Update

Title: NeoGeo Update
Author: Peter Bucknam
Publication: The Outcrop, March 2010, p. 19, 33

In the words of Dennis from Monty Python’s Holy Grail: “I’m 37, I’m not old.” I’m no spring chicken either, but it puts me in the uncommon age range when no one was going into oil and gas after the busts of the 80s and early 90s; between the “old guard” of the industry and the “kids” who are fresh out of college. This year, as the head of the RMAG “Young Professionals” group, the NeoGeos, I hope to expand participation within the group, as well as expand our influence within RMAG and the Rocky Mountain Section of AAPG.

Last year, under the energetic leadership of Alexandra Fleming, the NeoGeos really got off the ground. We held numerous networking happy hours, went on field trips, helped at Geoland Ski Day, participated in trail-building projects, and held a year-end charity event. Others also believe in our vision, and the group successfully fundraised over $3000 for our events. I think the most important accomplishment the NeoGeos succeeded in doing last year was to raise awareness of ourselves within the local industry. Right now, we have 181 people on our regular distribution list. We are also successfully partnered with the AAPG Young Professionals in the Rocky Mountain Section.

In 2010, I hope to double that number. To be successful, we need your help. If you have new hires, interns, or any young geologists in your office, please encourage them to contact us. I remember back to when I first made the jump from a software vendor to Yates Petroleum; almost all of my contacts were more experienced, older professionals. Being at a small independent, my office had only a handful of people and I had few peers. I imagine there are many young geologists who are in the same position and feel somewhat isolated from their peer group. Even in a large company, we tend to be segregated onto small teams and often have little interaction with the rest of the company. One of the goals of the NeoGeos and YP is to break through that isolation barrier and bring this next generation of professionals together to network, collaborate, exchange ideas, and just have fun.

Looking forward, we have a big year in the works for the NeoGeos and AAPG YP. We’re planning on having monthly excursions (camping, snowshoeing, hiking, etc…); participating in more community events (abandoned mine clean-up, trail building, science fairs); field trips of all sorts; and of course more networking events. I also would like to involve the NeoGeos more within RMAG as a whole. We’ve already succeeded in part with the election of Laura Mauro as Secretary of RMAG. I would encourage all our young professionals to become involved in some way, be it running for an office, giving a lunchtime talk, or simply participating in RMAG, AAPG, and other industry activities.

Our first events of the year have already taken place. Were you there? Watch for our upcoming events in this and future Outcrops!