RMAG Foundation News, December 2011

Title: RMAG Foundation News

Publication: The Outcrop, December 2011, p. 14

One of the major accomplishments of the Foundation this year was to set up two separate methods for future donations. This gives the Foundation the ability to track donations and send out contribution receipts for tax purposes as well as personal thank you letters more efficiently.

Josh has created a site under the Foundation page of the RMAG website (www.rmag.org) that allows for online contributions to any of the specific scholarship funds or to the general Foundation fund which supports student registrations at professional meetings, geosciences projects, and special scholarships. The Foundation Trustees wish to thank Josh for his work in providing this service to the RMAG members!

For those who wish to send a contribution by mail, the address of the RMAG Foundation mailbox is:

RMAG Foundation, Independence Plaza
1001 16th Street, B-180 #165 Denver, CO 80265

At the end of the year, Laura Wray will be rotating off the Foundation Board. The Trustees are very pleased to announce that Steve Sonnenberg has agreed to serve as a new Trustee and has been unanimously approved by the RMAG Board. In addition, we are searching for one other Trustee to replace Lisa Humbert who moved to California for graduate school.

Phil Moffitt, the Foundation Treasurer, reports that the Foundation investments as of the end of September totals $818,556.

Finally, it is with great thanks that the Foundation Trustees, Jim Huck, Ryan Kowalski, Phil Moffitt, and Laura Wray, acknowledge the extremely generous contributions of over $5,400 from the RMAG Golf Tournament participants! This money will be designated primarily for student scholarships, a cause that seems to resonate with many of the RMAG members.