Board of Directors Meeting – December 2009

Title: RMAG December Joint Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Laura Mauro, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, February 2010, p. 31

The 2009 and 2010 Board of Directors met on December 11th for the annual joint meeting with incoming 2010 Board members. This was a collaborative meeting where the current board handed over the reigns to the new board. New Board Members were engaged with updates on voting, finance, office report, publications, continuing education events, and formation of new committees. As a person new to the Board’s inner workings, this was a very enlightening meeting, and it was apparent how much dedication and hard work your 2009 Board of Directors and office staff put in to make this past year a success. As a member of RMAG, I would like to thank the 2009 Board of Directors for all their contributions and service.

The meeting started with great news on the success of our Ballot Committee this year. Voter participation increased significantly, partly due to envelopes mailed with the ballot. The committee reported approximately 30% participation from the membership and hopes to increase participation in the years to come. Okay, so 30% is pretty good, but geoscience professionals are notoriously active and engaging people. We should be able to do better than 30%, so don’t forget to vote in the next election!

Our 2009 Treasurer, Paul Ozanich, reported that our 2009 income was off budget by 4.9% and would have been off by 17.4% if we hadn’t received cash infusions from AAPG and our investment fund. The Board and office staff did an excellent job in keeping expenses low this year and came in 6.2% under budget.

Our Continuing Education Committee has been working very hard to plan several events for 2010. It should be a great year with opportunities for professional development through short courses, the spring 3-D Seismic Symposium, and the Fall Symposium. We are kicking the year off right with a great short course on paleogeographic and paleotectonic maps by Dr. Ron Blakey. It will be great to not only meet the man behind all those beautiful maps that are used by professionals around the world, but also to learn how to generate a map of your own!

Our Publications Committee will be working hard this year on a 2010 Guidebook on resource plays as well as continuing to provide quality publications through the Outcrop and The Mountain Geologist. The 2009 Paradox Basin Guidebook is ready for purchase, so please sign up for this great publication that has over 800 pages with amazing figures and new developments in petroleum systems and basin analysis. A publication on structural applications to Rocky Mountain hydrocarbon accumulations is in the works for 2011.

The January BOD meeting was held on the 20th at 4:00 p.m. in the University Building conference room on the third floor. The February meeting will be held on the 17th at 4:00 p.m. in the University Building conference room on the third floor.