Best Luncheon Speaker Award, 2009

Title: David Wheeler Wins 2009 Luncheon Speaker Award, Ed Dolly Recognized for Most Luncheon Talk Reviews
Publication: The Outcrop, January 2010, p. 15
Award: Best Luncheon Speaker
Awardee: David Wheeler

On July 17th, 2009, David M. Wheeler gave a presentation to the RMAG luncheon. His talk, “Discovery and Horizontal Development of Savageton Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Geosteering in Thin Parkman Sandstone to Minimize Water Production and Enhance Ultimate Recovery” was rated by RMAG reviewers as the best of the year. Congratulations to David for a great talk!

Reviews by luncheon attendees are necessary to be able to determine a Luncheon Speaker award. Over the last 10 years, Ed Dolly has submitted 20 reviews of luncheon presentations. The next closest contributor has provided 13. Many thanks from the Luncheon Speaker Awards Committee to Ed and to all the people who have contributed reviews. Your input is absolutely essential to selecting Luncheon Speaker of the Year.

Dean DuBois, Best Speaker Committee