Board of Directors Meeting – February 2011

Title: RMAG February Board of Directors Meeting
Publication: The Outcrop, April 2011, p. 14
Author: Heather LaReau, Secretary

The 2011 Board of Directors met on Thursday February 24th. The new board is very busy planning and organizing education events and publications for the coming year and progressing nicely. Renewals are still pouring in and the latest count was for over 2000 members strong. The 3-D Symposium is scheduled for March 29, 2011. This event is always well-attended and very informative and this year is no different. Don’t be left out, register now! The highlight of this most recent board meeting was a preliminary showcase of RMAG’s new website. The intent is to launch an updated and redesigned RMAG webpage this spring. The BOD were privy to a sneak peak. Josh Robbins and Laura Mauro have done a fantastic job working through the many details that are required to have an all-encompassing, easy to navigate, fully accessible and functional website. It is obvious that a large amount of research and time has been devoted to this project and has really paid off. Look forward to an informative, and easy to navigate website where you can pay your dues, pay for luncheons, order publications, read the Outcrop, find out about the various committees and their members and functions, and a calendar of events. Yes, we do offer this on our current website-but the functionality of the new software and design will not disappoint. The administrative side of the webpage has great tools that help document and track things such as book sales, conference attendance and membership numbers automatically! A “win-win” situation for all.