2012 – Distinguished Service to RMAG Award

Award: Distinguished Service to RMAG

Awardee: Lawrence O. Anna

Citation: Published in the November 2012 Outcrop.

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists bestows upon Lawrence O. (Larry) Anna its Distinguished Service to RMAG Award for his continued service to the organization, both directly through RMAG committees and through his participation on the Jefferson County Planning Commission.

Larry has been an energetic volunteer for many years representing numerous organizations within the geologic community and the general public. He began his service to the RMAG as Editor of the Outcrop from 1987 to 1992. In 1995, Larry became chair of RMAG’s Public Issues Committee, a tireless role he has championed for 17 years. He has been steadfast in the need for such a group within RMAG and the geologic community as a whole, evidenced by his work with AIPG and others to interact on public issues. During Larry’s 26 years with the USGS, he served as an important link between the Survey and RMAG by providing a great source of information on public issues and geologic research through his numerous publications and projects. He keeps the geoscience community informed by routinely preparing or providing articles for publication in the Outcrop on topics of special interest regarding public issues, especially those that pertain to the extractive industries. In addition, Larry has represented RMAG through involvement with other scientific societies to organize presentations from local political candidates presenting platform positions on energy and public lands issues, in an effort to educate members prior to elections.

Larry has been a valuable member of the Jefferson County Planning Commission for over ten years, currently serving as Chair. He has shown his patience, compassion, and technical knowledge on a wide range of land use issues in countless public hearings. Larry’s leadership is expressed by his thoughtful consideration of the issues, his respect of the public and his penetrating questions to get to the heart of the matter. He never dominates the process but becomes part of the flow steering it with information and commentary as the situation directs. Jefferson County has been able to rely on Larry’s hydrogeology background and common sense approach to technical issues on many occasions.

For his continuing contributions to the RMAG, Larry Anna is presented the 2012 Distinguished Service to RMAG Award.